Computers are such an integral part of our lives today. And since we depend on them and use them so frequently, having the correct set of lenses is important to protect your eyes and reduce any added strain. The problem is that many people who are stuck in front of their computer for long periods each day don’t fully realize the amount of stress that they’re placing their eyes under.

If you work in an office, get lenses meant for computer work to help protect your eyes and keep them clear and healthy.

What are Computer Glasses?

As the name indicates, these type of lenses are designed specifically for those who spend a good majority of their time in front of the computer. Spending over eight hours each day propped in front of a screen can make your eyes more prone to vision damage, in addition to the constant strain and tiredness you may feel after each day. These are designed to allow your eyes focus more easily when doing computer-related tasks.

How do they Work?

These glasses are made with anti-reflective coating. This buffers out the sharp glare that is common when you combine brightly lit environments with computer screens. Some lenses can also include tinting which can make it easier to focus on the material on the screen.

What are the Benefits?

If you do work in an office, having lenses that are meant for computer work can dramatically help your eyes by reducing eye strain, decreasing glare, boosting the contrast to read more easily, and they can even help take some of the tension off of your back and neck since you won’t have to keep moving in towards the screen to focus.

How do I Know What Type is Best for Me?

There are many individual differences when it comes to vision, and these variations will determine what type of computer lenses are most suitable for your eyes. Therefore, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The duration of time spent in front of the screen, along with other variables like lighting, the distance that you sit from the computer, and so forth, are all important factors that must be considered in order to correctly pinpoint the best lenses for you.

If you’re glued to a computer screen for a significant portion of each day, help your eyes out and get lenses meant for computer work. At Laurier Optical, our eye specialists can examine your eyes to determine if computer lense can benefit fit you. They’ll help you find the best pair to help make your work easier on your eyes.