Are your glasses sitting crooked on your nose or feel too tight for your face? When your frames need some minor corrections, you can often self-adjust your glasses at home. Here we’ll show you how to efficiently handle all the everyday issues to make your frames fit more comfortably.

When The Glasses Are Crooked

Nothing is more irritating than when your glasses sit crooked on your face. You can make an easy adjustment by checking that the nose pads are a mirror image of each other to fit level on your nose. If this doesn’t do the trick, then try adjusting the left and right temple by exerting slight pressure on the arms that will move them into a better position.

When The Frame Is Too High

When the frame sits too high on your nose, this means that the distance between the nose pads is too narrow. To get the right bridge fit, carefully move the nose pads further apart with your thumb and index finger until the glasses sit more evenly.

When The Frame Is Too Low

Vice versa, if your glasses sit too low on your nose, you will need to adjust the nose pads inwards. By using your thumb and index finger, push the nose pads closer together with a small amount of pressure to avoid breaking the wire.

When The Frame Is Too Loose

Most frames will have a screw located at the hinge temple that you can tighten to adjust the fit. You’ll need an optometric screwdriver that either has a flat tip or Phillips tip, depending on the screw type used in your glasses. To tighten, turn the screwdriver clockwise. This will move the frames inwards and closer to the contours of your head. For even more tension, you can also tighten the eye wire. Check where the lens is held into the frame to find the other screw and then use the optometric screwdriver to tighten your glasses to fit better to your face.

When The Frame Is Too Tight

You should always adjust tight frames that are uncomfortable or causing you headaches and pain. You can loosen the screws by turning them counterclockwise, or you can place your glasses under hot water for a few minutes to make the frames more pliable. When they feel more flexible, gently reshape the frame arms to the desired positioning.

A frame in standard alignment will not always be the right fit. And no matter how many minor corrections you make or times you self-adjust your glasses, they can remain unaligned and uncomfortable. When it’s time to see a professional, we can help you adjust your glasses at Laurier Optical. Visit us today!