With the summer weather finally here, it’s important to remember to take good care of your eyes. You may not give it much thought, but there are hazards lingering just about everywhere when it comes to your eyes. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, cleaning out your dusty garage, or lounging in the sun, make sure to remember these tips to protect your eyes this summer.

Wear Sunglasses With UV Protection

Ultraviolet radiation is something that many of us already know about and understand how important it is to protect our skin from. But it’s necessary to shield our eyes from these damaging rays too. UV rays stemming from the sun and reflective surfaces can cause a variety of problems including cataracts, photo conjunctivitis, and even skin cancer of the eyelids. Wearing sunglasses that provide complete protection from ultraviolet rays is essential.

Wear Eye Protection in the Pool

Summer is the season for cooling off in the pool. But, before you dive in, be sure to put on a pair of goggles if you plan on submerging your face in the water. The chlorine that’s necessary for sanitizing the water can irritate the eyes and cause more severe problems like corneal abrasion with too much exposure. This is also important if you’re swimming in a lake or ocean since other contaminants and bacteria could enter your eyes. Be sure to always use protective eyewear when entering the water.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes

Our hands can harbour a disturbing amount of bacteria throughout the day. So touching or rubbing the eyes can easily allow bacteria to enter them. This can drastically increase your chances of contracting eye-related conditions and infections such as pink eye or conjunctivitis. Remember to wash your hands throughout the day, especially after touching public surfaces, and avoid touching your eyes as much as possible to reduce infections.

Wear a Hat

Wearing sunglasses is crucial for protecting your eyes during those sunny and windy days. But throwing a hat on in addition to your sunglasses can help shield your eyes adequately and provide complete protection from the sun. A hat can specifically protect the eyelids, which are frequently exposed to UV rays since they aren’t fully shielded with sunglasses. So when you’re heading out for a full day in the sun, don’t forget to throw on a hat!

Get Enough Rest

Sleep is important for the health of your body and eyes. Without an adequate amount of sleep, your eyes are placed under a lot of strain when trying to focus. So even though the summer can equate to a busy, active time, remember that your eyes can only perform as well as you take care of them. So give them the rest they need.

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