Transition lenses are incredible technological advancements that have taken glasses to a whole new level. Unlike regular glasses, they are activated by the sun and can adjust to their environment. That means you get a consistent vision when you move from indoors to outdoors. But that’s not all! To gain a full understanding of why transition lenses are fantastic, check out some of the other benefits that they provide.

Responsive and Adaptive

Transition lenses are photochromic lenses that respond automatically to the surrounding environment. Through the use of photochromic naphthopyrans, which are molecules that are activated by UV rays, as you move from inside to outside the molecules change their structure and absorb more light. This process results in a darkening of the lens and a polarizing effect which provides excellent glare control in bright conditions.

Protects Against Eye Strain

When the transition lenses adjust, the effect is gradual and continual so that your eyes don’t suffer from any strain. So you can enjoy better contrast and clarity that helps to protect the eyes and provides optimal vision in every condition.

UV Protection

Transition lenses are not only activated by the sun, but they also work to shield your eyes from the harmful UVB and UVA rays. Even when it’s cloudy outdoors, as long as UV light is present, the lenses will adjust. This can help to protect your eyes from having any direct or indirect exposure to the sun’s harmful rays and can prevent any potential eye diseases like corneal sunburn or cataracts from forming.

Fully Customizable

What’s impressive about transition lenses is that they are available for nearly every type of eyeglass lens you could think of. They even come in photochromic sunglasses so that you can receive UV protection even from behind your car’s windshield. You can also purchase transition lenses in various coloured tints to have the glasses accent your own personal style.

With transition lenses, you get the benefit of having regular glasses combined with the benefits of sunglasses all-in-one. They will look clear indoors and as soon as they are exposed to light, will automatically darken and adjust to the conditions for optimal vision. Why not try out a pair for yourself?

At Laurier Optical we have a wide range of transition lenses in a number of popular styles. Come visit us today for a tour of our latest selection and so that you can see why transition lenses are amazing.