We all know that what comes off of the catwalk ends up having a big influence on what styles we can expect to see in stores soon after. And this year, there have been some notable trends lining up for the soon-to-be dominating styles of 2018 and beyond. If you’re wondering what glasses have been showing up on the catwalk lately, here are the top trends to look out for.

Small Specs

Although we can’t seem to get enough of the oversized frames lately, it’s time for them to make room for the small specs that are beginning to make their presence known among the eyewear fashion world. Micro, tiny frames that barely cover the eyes, are one of the hottest trends showing up on the catwalk this year. With their cool, retro roots of the 1950s, these super small frames with cat-eye-winged rims have been seen perched on the noses of many noteworthy celebs.

Angular Geometric Shapes

Although the eyewear fashion trends like to often gaze back into the past for inspiration, we’re now seeing a gradual edging forward into the future. Like with the futuristic, angular, geometric style frames. Funky, dramatic shapes featuring bold, thick frames or thin metallic ones are what’s tilting the scale forward a bit more toward the future for inspiration and designs that we have never seen before.

Flat Aviators

Unisex frames are all the rage and more popular than ever. And who doesn’t love more variety? Even though aviators initially were designed for men back in the day, more and more women are jumping on the trend, and rightly so! Aside from your favourite sunglass frame, you can find these late-seventies wire frame aviators hot off the catwalk, suitable for reading and ready to pair perfectly with your smart and professional style.

Bejewelled Frames

The catwalk is a place where adornment becomes mainstream, with creative and often unusual styles that jog the imagination. And that adornment, of course, doesn’t stop at eyewear. Bejewelled spectacles are a perfect example of this, as a distinctive, decorative trend. With sleek wireframes and a fun, quirky look, they prove that the creative juices are endless when it comes to new and imaginative designs.

As eyewear continues to transform and be seen more as an accessory rather than a device for curing near or far-sightedness, we see more of these unique, creative, and even futuristic designs come off of the catwalk. So now you can be ready and informed about what glasses are showing up on the catwalk before you come by Laurier Optical for your next, great pair of frames