When it comes to frames, there are no two designs that are created equally. They often require some getting used to and potential adjustments to get them just right. If you purchase frames online and don’t get a chance to try them out, there’s a pretty good chance that they may not fit properly. Some stores don’t even offer adjustments, which can often leave you with trying to figure out how to adjust them on your own. Before you buy, it’s helpful to know about these common problems you may encounter with new frames and what you can do to correct them.

Frames Dig In

It can take some time to get used to wearing a pair of new frames. And sometimes, it can initially feel like they’re digging into your forehead. Normally they will ease up over time, but if you are experiencing any significant pain, you should visit your eyeglass store to discuss your options. For some models, you can get spring hinges which allow the temples to flex more outwards without putting any stress on the lenses.

Glasses Look Crooked

If your glasses are sitting unevenly on your face but are level when resting on a flat surface, one of your ears is likely higher than the other. If the arms are bendable, try adjusting them to accommodate the difference in ear height.

Sliding Down Your Nose

New frames may need some extra tightening to prevent them from sliding down your nose and falling off. You can tighten the screws on each side to prevent slippage and also secure the lenses in the frames. Just be careful not to tighten too firmly, or you may damage the materials.

Lenses Rest Too High Up Or Down

When looking into a mirror, your glasses should rest evenly on your face. If you notice that they are resting too high up or down, it’s likely that your nosepiece needs an adjustment. Depending on the frames and style of the nosepiece, you should be able to make the adjustment without visiting a vision specialist.

A Bit Loose Or Tight

If your glasses look great on but are pinching or slipping, you may need to adjust them for a better fit. For more flexible frames, you can make an alteration at the hinge that will bow the earpieces and help them fit more appropriately to your head.21

You’re New To Plastic Frames

Wireframes are easy to adjust. All you need to do is bend the arms with small pliers until they are properly positioned on your face. But with plastic, it’s an entirely different story. To bend the frames, you need to first make the plastic pliable. You can easily do this by placing them in hot water until they are more flexible. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure, or they may snap.

Not all frames can be adjusted without the help of a professional. And if you bought your frames online or from a store that doesn’t offer adjustments, you should come see us at Laurier Optical. We always recommend letting one of our experts adjust your new lenses to prevent any risk of damage. And when you purchase new lenses from us, we will make sure that they fit perfectly to your face before you walk out the door. Come in anytime to see our selection of brand-name designer lenses.