Kick the New Year off with a fresh, new look! Before you shop around for new frames, make sure you’re caught up with the latest and coolest trends that are set to make waves throughout this coming year. Whether it’s a new look for the office or hanging on the town with your friends, we’ve rounded up our favourite styles going into 2018 so you can be in the know of what’s hot and what’s not.

Black Cat Eye Frames

The cat eye retro style is back! This style is perfect for any occasion, but it’s definitely a great look for women in a business or academic environment who want to emphasize their smart and sassy self.

The Roosevelt Rounded Frames

Delicate and petite, the rounded black medium-thick Roosevelt frames are another great option that can work well in just about any environment – professional or casual. They’re simple and classy with just enough unique elements to offer some edge to your outfit.

The Firm Square Gold Frames

In case the name didn’t already make it obvious, these square gold frames are simple and straight to the point. They’re elegant, delicate, and sleek, making them a great fit for the office or lounging in an indoor setting.

Round Brown Wooden Frames

Wood is a hot and growing trend this coming year, and it’s only getting better with styles like these. Round frames with a wooden finish offer a formal look for both men and women and carry just enough warmth and richness to highlight your facial features.

Oversized Frames

The oversized frame is one of the popular styles of the past year that will still be going strong into 2018. This trendy look hits the mark for hipsters, bookworms and professionals alike. They suit men and women and can work with any semi-casual look you’re flaunting.

The Fitzgerald

The growing underbelly of trends for new frames this year offers vintage and retro notes in many of the designs, as you will also see with the Fitzgerald. You can throw these on in an instant and feel confident in your look. And as a unisex frame, they’re edgy and classy, all-in-one!

Start your New Year with something new and fresh! New frames are always a fun accessory that can help transform your entire look and style. So when you head out to browse for your new pair, now you’ll be well versed on all the latest and greatest trends that are set for 2018.