This new year, why not be a little selfish and splurge on something that you can truly benefit from, and of course, look great in? Getting new glasses can be the perfect way to change up your look and press the refresh button just in time to kick off a new chapter.

There’s never been a better time to add some variety to your eyewear. Whatever your preference is, there are so many styles that are back in and making waves across the fashion world. This new year, give your eyes the luxury they deserve by treating yourself to a new look! Here are a few of the favourites at our Ottawa eyewear store:

Chunky and Bold

You know those big, thick frames you were teased about back in high school? Well, there’s no teasing anymore! Chunky bold, thick frames are what we and so many other glass-wearing fashionistas love lately. Embrace those statement frames and start your new year off big and bold.

Cat Eyes

Cat eyeglasses aren’t reserved just for cat ladies anymore. These cat eye frames are catching the eyes of people everywhere, cat-loving or not. They’re spunky, unique and give that perfect touch of flair to highlight your brows.

Elegant Detailed Frames

Looking for something a little more subtle and elegant? There are a variety of styles that add that touch of detail to give you exactly that. Whether it’s the Black Panther look or speckled highlights to add in some colour, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Perfectly Round Vintage

Whether you have a love for vintage, Harry Potter, or what’s simply hot and trending, the perfectly round vintage look can appease them all! This style gives the perfect amount of masculine edge to any outfit and will be sure to set your style apart from the crowd.

Eyes glasses portray so much about your style and personality, more so than many people may realize. And considering you rely on them and wear them just about everywhere you go, why not take the time to treat yourself to a new look? Crank up your style, have some fun and most importantly, be who you are. Whether you’re a bookworm, have a love for cats, Harry Potter, classic vintage, or none of the above – now is the best time to really let your personality shine. And there’s no better way than with a new pair of glasses to compliment your style.

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