When it comes to that moment in life when you realize that each time you look to read those street signs, or scan the local newspaper, you naturally squint to focus – you know you’ve entered into the world of impaired vision. Those bragging rights for having the perfect 20/20 vision are officially over. So what now? Finding the perfect frames so you can strut your stuff and wear those glasses with pride. Here’s what to look for:

Shape and Size

Buying your first pair of glasses is an exciting process, but one that requires a few key elements in order to ensure they’re the perfect fit for you.

Let’s start with shape and size. Take a look at your face in the mirror and assess what shape it is. Oval, round, square, heart-shaped – whatever your shape is, determining this will help you figure out the type of frame will enhance your look.

For example, those with square-shaped faces are usually best with an oval or round frame eyeglass that sit higher up on the bridge of the nose. This will help to soften the angularity and sharpness.

By figuring out your shape, you can more easily determine what shape of frame will best enhance your features.

Colours and Skin Tone

Sure, selecting colours can be as simple as your favourite preference, but there’s also a few points to consider as well for picking the perfect tone for you. And that means selecting the right colours that match with your skin tones.

For example, if you have a warmer complexion, it’s usually best to avoid colours such as pastels, white, or black. Instead, look for beige, gold, honey, brown, light blue, or green.

If you have a cooler complexion, look for more contrasting colours such as black, pink, purple, blue and anything that won’t wash out your skin tone.

Lifestyle and Personality

Finally, think of your lifestyle and your personality. It’s important to select a frame that is practical and can keep up with your kind of life. Whether you’re active and constantly on the go, or stare at a computer screen for the majority of the day, find a frame that will keep up with you.

And when it comes to personality, frames can say a lot about you – whether funky and bold, or more reserved and traditional. Whatever your style is, if your personality can shine through – you know you’ve definitely found those perfect frames.

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