These days, over ninety percent of people spend at least a couple of hours in front of digital devices every single day. Over sixty percent spend at least five hours in front of these devices on a daily basis! These stats underscore the power of our digital world. One of the downsides of our addiction to electronic toys is digital eye strain.


Many different devices trigger digital eye strain – examples include personal computers, smartphones, tablet computers and e-readers. If you experience physical discomfort after spending two hours or more staring at a display screen, you should know that there are ways to fight back. Our guide will help you to avoid this common eye condition.


How to Stop Digital Eye Strain


If you have a job that requires that you use the computer, you’re bound to suffer from digital eye strain sometimes. This can be pretty serious. A study that was conducted in 2014 showed that people who work in front of computers tend to experience alterations to tear fluid. This creates symptoms of dry eye disease.


The best way to combat these symptoms is to utilize computer eyewear. An eyewear professional will be able to recommend the right glasses for computer work. Specialized lenses are able to minimize the quantity of blue light which penetrates the eyes. By limiting this light, special eyewear prevents vision fatigue.


Custom Eyewear for Computer Use


Computer eyewear is a relatively new invention and a lot of people don’t really know about it. It’s perfect for anyone, whether they need a prescription or not. This eyewear comes with an array of filters and it may be customized in order to suit a person’s requirements.


Those who wear custom eyewear which is designed to reduce eye strain find that doing computer work is much more relaxing. This is because they enjoy sharper focus and less blurred vision and pixelation. In addition, they don’t experience as much glare while they are working on computers.


Eyewear experts will usually recommend anti-reflective lenses for this purpose. These lenses minimize reflection via overhead lighting. This boosts visual clarity and enhances contrast.


Now that you know the best way to fight against computer or electronic gizmo-related eye strain, why not arrange for a consultation with an eye care professional at Laurier Optical Innes Eye Clinic? When you do, your optometrist and optician will be able to create a pair of glasses that soothes your eyes and ensures less discomfort. Without this type of eyewear, you may experience eye strain on a regular basis.