These days, nearly everyone in the modern world has or has used a smartphone. Although doing so can make life more entertaining and convenient, it can also cause serious eye damage if you are not careful. In order to have the best of both worlds, you need to know how to protect your eyes from smartphone damage. While you may not notice any vision issues yet, getting a head start can save you from dealing with major issues later.

  1. Set the Smartphone Brightness Level to Automatic

Most smartphones have a setting that allows users to adjust the brightness of the screen at their leisure. This manual override of the basic system operations is easy, but there is actually a setting that makes things easier. It is accessed through the pull-down menu which controls Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location details. Simply click “auto” and your smartphone will automatically adjust its screen brightness according to the surrounding light levels. Check your owner’s manual if you cannot find this setting on your own.

  1. Don’t Use Your Smartphone in Low-Light Situations

While looking at bright lights while in a dark space does not directly damage your eyes, it can cause painful and debilitating strain. It is that eye strain that ultimately causes damage, which means you need to refrain from looking at your smartphone screen when you are in low-light areas. After all, you’re usually not allowed to use phones while driving in a car and whipping out your device during a movie is considered rude. There are few instances when you need your smartphone in the dark. Try to stay away from using it too much when the lights are dim and save yourself a headache – literally.

  1. Refrain from Using Your Smartphone for Long Stretches

You may be obsessed with using your smartphone to play games, watch videos, get on social media sites, or use your favorite app. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to be constantly looking at the screen. There is nothing wrong with using your smartphone for its intended purposes, but try to limit yourself to short segments. Put it down and take a break. Try to get into some natural light to let your eyes adjust. Even more so, it may be a good idea to shut your eyes for a moment just to give them some time to rest.

Talk to your Orleans optometrist for other strategies to prevent your eyes from hurting from looking at your smartphone too long or too often.