People often discuss the need to protect your skin with sunscreen from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Sure, applying sunscreen before an afternoon outdoors is essential – but protecting your eyes from this harsh light is just as important! Your Ottawa optical store, Laurier Optical can help you find sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection.

Not only when it’s sunny

Even on a day where there is a lot of cloud coverage, your risk of UV exposure can still be high. Contrary to popular belief, UV lighting is not a visible light, but an invisible radiation that can go through clouds and overcast. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time outside, be sure to wear your sunglasses – no matter the season. Sun protection is not reserved for the summer time.

Consider taking breaks from the sun between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when UV and HEV levels are the highest. By taking a daily break to go inside for lunch and read a book, you’re saving your eyes and skin a lot of damage!

No matter the weather or season, make a habit of wearing your sunglasses and carrying your case with you! Soon, it will be second nature. This habit is even more important to instill in your children at a young age, as damage from UV radiation adds up throughout your lifetime. Each time you’re in the sun without eye protection, you could be adding damage to your eyes. By getting into the habit of wearing sunglasses at an early age, your child can reduce their risk of premature eye aging, and eye conditions such as cataracts, non-cancerous growths of tissue, and loss of vision (macular degeneration).

How to best protect your eyes

No matter your style (athletic, trendy), you’ll want to select a pair of sunglasses that protect as much of the skin around your eyes as possible. If you’re planning on being more active, a close-fitting pair is essential so that the glasses do not fall off.

Some people believe that the darker the lens is, the more protection it offers. This is a myth, as a lighter coloured lens is able to provide the same amount of UV protection as a darker coloured lens. Visit your Ottawa optical store, Laurier Optical for assistance in finding a pair of sunglasses that provides 100 percent UV protection and absorb most HEV rays.

Any questions about how to properly protect your eyes from the sun? Come see us at Laurier Optical!