Growing up our parents and grandparents often scolded us for doing things that were “bad for our eyes”. However, your Orleans optician can tell you many of these warnings were all for naught. Here are five common eye myths debunked:

Too Close to TV

Many of us were told as kids that sitting too close to the television could harm our eyes, when in fact sitting too close to the TV is a sign that your child may need glasses. Ask your child to sit further away from the television next time, and ask them if the quality is better or worse. If they answer worse be sure to book an eye exam for them.

Too Much Computer Time

Staring at your computer screen does no more harm to your eyes than staring at the TV screen. However when you are working on your computer all day it can cause discomfort and other issues such as dry eyes. The best rule of thumb is to use the computer for 20 minutes then look at an object at least 20 feet away for about 20 seconds to give your eyes a break throughout the day. This will help prevent headaches and migraine ensuring you a very productive day.

Reading in Dim Light

How many times have you started reading and not noticed it has become darker in the room? As a kid you were probably told to turn on the light when you were caught reading in dim light, however reading in dim light will not cause harm to your eyesight. Instead you could get dry eyes or blurred vision. You can even end up with a stiff neck and achy back!

Stop Squinting

Many people will tell you to stop squinting or you will hurt your eyes. However squinting is actually a sign you might already have a problem with your vision. As well your eyes will naturally squint to protect themselves from bright light. If you find you squint often you could be trying to focus better so it is a good idea to make an appointment with your Orleans optician.

Eating Carrots

Being told to eat your carrots for good eye sight is a myth, however there are foods that are good for your eye health such as broccoli and spinach. They contain lutein which is found naturally in the macula of your eyes.

Your Orleans optician can help offer the proper advice to keep your eyes happy and healthy. If you are experiencing issues such as dry eyes, squinting or general changes to your vision schedule an eye exam with your Orleans optician today.