When you step out on a sunny day and squint up to the sky it is not a comfortable feeling. Many people don’t give much thought to buy prescription sunglasses when they are getting their latest prescription lens update. However, when sun reflects off of snow or is extremely bright on a summer’s day out on the lake, your eyes are not safe without the proper protection. Here are five reasons you should buy prescription sunglasses:

UV Protection

The sun can damage your skin but did you know it can also damage your eyes? Wearing UV protected sunglasses is important to protect not only your cornea from sun damage but the delicate skin around your eyes. It can also lower your risk for cataracts.


Glare while driving can lead to potential accidents. Road glare can occur from a number of factors and by driving with prescription sunglasses you will have the best vision possible, ultimately ensuring your safety.

Plenty of Choices

Sunglasses have long been used as a key fashion accessory and wearing glasses doesn’t mean you are stuck with those less than attractive clip-ons. You can now buy prescription sunglasses by choosing one of the hundreds of fashion forward options made by every designer you can imagine. Optometry offices that sell corrective eye wear are just as concerned with on trend frames as much as your higher end fashion boutiques. In fact If you wear designer sunglasses and require corrective eye wear you might as well buy prescription sunglasses. You won’t see much difference in the price and will have the benefit of perfect vision.

Great for Contact Wearers

If you wear contact lenses than you know that wearing them in the summer can be an issue. In fact a trip to the beach can be quite uncomfortable, as you can’t go swimming with contact lenses and getting a grain of sand in your eye can be a major problem. Instead opt to buy prescription sunglasses as they will keep your eyes protected from sun, glare and other elements while keeping you stylish.

Transition Lenses

If you don’t want to switch from your glasses to sunglasses every time you step outside, transition lenses might be the perfect option. Transition lenses react to the brightness of the sun and will offer UV protection when you step outside. They offer the best of both worlds.

As you can see it makes perfect sense to buy prescription sunglasses as they are convenient, affordable and look fabulous. If you don’t want to worry about switching from sunglasses to regular glasses you can speak to your optometrist about transition lenses.