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man smiling in the winter with glasses
3 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Winter
February 16, 2016

When temperatures start to plummet and those chilly winter winds come rushing through the trees, the first thing people do is…

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Ocular migraine
Understanding Ocular Migraines
December 15, 2015

Ocular migraines typically trigger loss of vision and they may even contribute to blindness for a short period of time (temporary…

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Buying glasses online
The Risk of Buying Glasses Online
December 10, 2015

It’s so tempting to order almost anything online, including eyeglasses. This is why so many people choose to get these important…

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Dry eyes
5 Steps to Relieve Dry Eyes
December 4, 2015

If your eyes feel dry, you should know that a range of self-care tips are available and we’re here to share…

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Buying glasses in store
Why You Should Buy Your Next Glasses In-Store, Not Online
November 2, 2015

It could be difficult for you to find a pair of glasses that suits you perfectly, but that doesn’t mean you…

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Boosting eye strength
5 Exercises to Boost Your Eye Strength
October 19, 2015

Being able to see properly increases the quality of your life. Some people are not lucky enough to see anything, so…

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Smartphone eye damage
How to Protect Your Eyes from Smartphone Damage
October 1, 2015

These days, nearly everyone in the modern world has or has used a smartphone. Although doing so can make life more…

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Regular eye exams
Protect Your Eye Health with Regular Eye Exams
September 8, 2015

Many people neglect their eyes. It’s not necessarily seen as one of the most important health concerns, but actually eye health…

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Kids playing video games
Video Games, Kids, and Eye Health
September 4, 2015

There are many worries surrounding kids spending a lot of time playing video games. One of these worries concerns the effect…

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shopping for sunglasses
6 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Sunglasses
August 25, 2015

Once you find the right pair of sunglasses, they’ll become your favourite daily accessory. There are few things better than when…

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