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5 Common Eye Myths Debunked
January 9, 2015

Growing up our parents and grandparents often scolded us for doing things that were “bad for our eyes”. However, your Orleans…

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How Your Eyes Change with Age
December 15, 2014

As we age our entire body undergoes gradual changes that become more and more noticeable once we hit our 40’s. Although…

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How to Keep your Eyes Healthy During the Winter
November 27, 2014

During the winter we take several steps to ensure a healthy body. We wear extra layers of clothes to keep warm,…

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What is Astigmatism?
November 21, 2014

To put it simply, astigmatism is a condition which affects how your eye focuses light. Someone without astigmatism will have light…

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How Cosmetics Can Affect Your Eyes
November 12, 2014

Eye makeup helps draw attention to one of your greatest assets, unfortunately it can also lead to eye problems. Here are a…

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how a poor diet can affect your eyes
How a Poor Diet Can Affect Your Eyes
October 24, 2014

Good nutrition plays a crucial role in your overall health. Your optometrist will also tell you that a poor diet can…

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how eye exams play an important role in your health
How Eye Exams Play an Important Role in Your Health
October 3, 2014

Both adults and children should have annual eye examinations as part of their routine health care plan. Your optometrist not only…

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everything you need to know about night blindness
Everything You Need to Know About Night Blindness
September 25, 2014

Nyctalopia, also known as night blindness makes it difficult for you to see at night as well as in areas that…

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how to tell if your child needs an eye exam
How to Tell if Your Child Needs Glasses
September 10, 2014

As a parent you have many thoughts and concerns on your mind every day. Your child’s eyesight may slip your mind…

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why it's important to wear protective eyewear
Why It Is Important to Wear Protective Eyewear
August 29, 2014

Your eyes are not easily replaced. Although you can use corrective lenses to help regain focus following some injuries the loss…

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