Glasses are a fashion statement. They take your appearance to the next level and bring out your personality. If you pride yourself on being a trendsetter, you might be excitedly anticipating what the new year has in store for the world of eyewear. From bold looks and retro throwbacks to minimalist and eco-friendly, there’s a style for all glasses wearers to hop on. With that said, let’s explore some of the most exciting eyewear trends for 2023. 

Eco-Friendly Glasses

As the world grows more environmentally conscious, it’s no surprise that eco-friendly glasses are a hot topic for the coming year. This eyewear is typically made of natural and biodegradable materials and is free from toxic chemicals. Additionally, many eco-friendly glasses are made with methods that reduce carbon footprints.

Geometric Glasses

Hexagonal and octagonal spectacles have increased in popularity, and we don’t expect this to stop in 2023. Geometric glasses are an eye-catching way to frame your face. Specifically, minimalist thin gold frames can exude luxury wherever you go!

Square Retro Glasses

The fun thing about fashion is that just when you think something is out of style, it makes a comeback in a fresh way. Oversized vintage square glasses were a classic in the 1970s and are on the rise over 50 years later. These frames are a mark of boldness and sleekness and are sure to have all eyes on you when walking into a room.

Round Frames

While this shape may have you thinking of Harry Potter or Steve Jobs, we see a continuing trend for 2023. Rounded frames remain popular because they are an elegant way to balance and complement square or angular face shapes. They draw attention to your eyes and can make you look studious and sophisticated.

Tinted Glasses

A long-known marker of poshness, tinted glasses in the new year are no different. They add character and boldness to any look and are a great way to show others how cool you are — even celebrities wear them! Red, orange, and yellow are the hues to look for this year and are especially popular for sunglasses. If you love staying up-to-date with current fashion trends, keep this list in your back pocket as 2023 comes around. At Laurier Optical, we pay close attention to glasses that are new and popular and ensure our inventory reflects what’s up and coming. Contact us to learn about the styles we carry so we can help you find a look that makes you feel and see your best!