Your eyes have an important job to do, which is why taking good care of them is a priority. If you wear contact lenses or are just getting started with them, there are some common mistakes that many people make that should be avoided. Even though some of these might seem minor, they can damage your vision if they’re not corrected. Read on to learn what to avoid so you can maintain optimal eye health. 

Wearing Contacts For A Long Period of Time

There’s a common misconception that if the contact lenses aren’t causing any discomfort or pain, then it’s okay to keep them in. But this is far from the truth. Leaving them in for extended periods of time can cause significant damage and even lead to blindness. When contacts are left against the eyes for too long, it prevents them from accessing the oxygen and fluids that are needed to remain healthy. Eventually, blood vessels will increase to retrieve more oxygen which can reduce light from passing through the cornea. Over time, this will damage your vision.

Wearing Them After They Have Expired

It can be easy to forget to check the expiration date on your contacts, but it’s another crucial error that can lead to problems. The reason why experts place expiration dates on the lenses is that the risk of bacteria multiples with outdated contacts, which can lead to infections. Avoid the risk by always adhering to those dates and throw them out when it’s time.

Handling Contacts with Unclean Hands

Our hands house a lot of germs as we touch numerous surfaces throughout the day. Even if you’re putting in a fresh, new pair of contacts, the risk of bacteria and infections is high for those who handle the lenses without washing their hands first. Always take the time to thoroughly wash your hands prior to touching your contacts.

Not Following the Proper Contact Lens Care Instructions

There are multiple types of contact lenses available, and many have their own set of care instructions. These are based on important factors like sensitivities to certain chemicals, proper sterilization techniques to avoid infection, and materials that may be incompatible with the lens. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the instructions provided for yours.

Wearing them While Sleeping

Though it may be easier to leave the contacts in when going to sleep, this is a risky mistake. By taking a few minutes to remove, clean and safely store the lenses, you can minimize the risk of developing eye conditions like Cornea Infiltrative Event or CIEs.

These are just a few of the most common mistakes people make when wearing contacts. Remember, your eyes are the windows to the world around you. Don’t take them for granted. Keep them in top shape, and make sure to book an eye exam regularly. Contact us at Laurier Optical today to schedule an appointment or come by any of our walk-in clinics.

Article has been reviewed by an Optometrist.