Did you know that the most common causes of eye injury in children are falling, mishandling tools, and playing with certain toys? To minimize any risk of long-term impact or blindness, here are seven tips on how to prevent eye injuries in children. 

Put Guards up in the House

Most kids will suffer an eye injury when playing at home. You can protect your kids’ eyes by putting guards up on any sharp corners. Safety gates should also be placed at the top and the bottom of the stairs to prevent falls. 

Have Them Wear Sunglasses

Protect your child’s eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light by having them wear sunglasses when outside. Look for “100% UV Protection,” which will offer the most eye protection. Wraparound styles are also best because they provide full protection from the sun.

Buy Them Safety Goggles

They might not look the coolest, but safety goggles will protect your kids’ eyes when they’re playing contact sports with their friends. To encourage your kids to wear them, let your children choose the style they prefer.

Keep Close at the Playground

Before you let your kids play at the playground, check the area for any hazards that could cause an eye injury. Also, stay close and pay attention. It only takes a minute for a head injury or fall to occur that could cause a serious eye injury. 

Lock Up Hazardous Materials

Fertilizers, bleach, ammonia, drain and oven cleaners can all cause serious eye injuries and chemical burns. Even small particles that infiltrate the eye can cause damage, leading to blindness. Opt for safer options when you can and if you must use chemicals, make sure your kids are not around when you do.

Keep Them Away From Tools and Equipment

Nearly half of all eye injuries occur at home. So make sure any tools and equipment you use around the house are safely stored away and locked up. This includes the cutting saw, the lawnmower, gardening tools, and even the scissors. 

Choose Toys Wisely

Did you know that the bullets from nerf guns can cause serious eye injury? Certain toys, especially toy guns, darts, crossbows, and other projectile toys, can cause internal bleeding, eye scrapes, pain, and vision loss. Equip your kids with eye protection to block flying objects from coming in contact with their eyes while playing.

Limit Screen Time

If you’re wondering whether screen time can affect your children’s eyes, the answer is yes. Blue light emitted by the screens can cause eyestrain and increase their risk of macular degeneration later in life. If your child has a smartphone or computer, you can help protect their eyesight by limiting their screen time. 

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