If you’re dealing with dry eyes, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Dry eyes are relatively common, and because they cause so much irritation and distraction, scientists have been working on solutions for years. The contact lenses you wear can make a big difference in terms of your eye comfort. Laurier Optical is here with the best contact lens options available in terms of addressing dry eyes. Let’s take a look.

Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus

Acuvue is a top choice on the global market, largely due to the fact that they’ve placed number one as the best contact lens in over 20 clinical studies. These contact lenses are extremely comfortable. Their Oasys Brand, featuring Hydraclear Plus technology, contains 38 percent water content. This keeps your eyes sufficiently hydrated and irritation-free throughout the day. 

CooperVision Biofinity

CooperVision has a line of Biofinity lenses with 48 percent water content that is perfect for dry eyes. They use Aquaform Technology to attain a high oxygen level, ensuring maximum effectiveness. These lenses deliver a high water content with very few deposits. As a result, you’ll generally have healthier eyes. 

Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua

These contact lenses are cost-effective for those on a budget, but they also have a slightly lower water content of 24 percent. This will still give you plenty of moisture and, depending on the severity of your dry eyes, it may be enough to do the trick. Everyone’s needs are different, so while others may have to spend more to get more moisture, the Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua might do the trick while costing less.

Focus Dailies

Focus Dailies has an extremely high water content at 69 percent, and they’re easy on the wallet to boot. Their AquaRelease technology provides moisture and comfort to your eyes. Being one-day use contact lenses, irritation from allergies isn’t a problem, as pollen has no time to accumulate.

Bausch & Lomb

These contact lenses have 46 percent water content, so they’re on par with the CooperVision Biofinity we mentioned earlier. If your eyes are severely dry and/or irritated, contact lenses with a higher water content in this range will be right for you, making Bausch & Lomb lenses an ideal choice.

There’s no reason to live with dry eyes anymore when there are so many high-quality, effective options out there at varying price levels. Before you decide to commit to a specific type of contact lens, however, drop by a Laurier Optical clinic for a scheduled eye exam. Your consultant can point you towards a lens that’s right for you. Contact us today to book an appointment.