To help you keep up with all of the latest and hottest trends this year, we’ve put together a list of the most popular designer glasses for 2021. Check them out below!

Clear Eyeglasses

Clear designer eyeglasses are firing up the eyewear trends for 2021. These glasses are very versatile, making them suitable for almost any style and skin tone. You can mix and match them with almost anything and they will still look great. Whether you’re looking for something dressed up, elegant, hipster, casual, or oversized, this unisex frame is a worthy choice. 

Thick Geometric Frames

They’re bold, chunky and designed to get noticed. Thick geometric frames are ideal for anyone who’s looking for designer glasses that will create an instant statement with every outfit. These types of frames combine a hexagon-like shape that can still work with different face shapes. Choose from bold, bright colours to add a funky splash of personality to your wardrobe.

Translucent Bright Coloured Frames

Similar to clear eyeglasses, translucent designer frames add an undertone of bright dusted pink, purple or other warm colours. You can choose from a rainbow of different hues that pop just enough to create a fresh new look that won’t go unnoticed.

Two-Toned Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell glasses have been a popular trend for years, and they show no signs of slowing down. But this year, it’s all about the two-toned tortoiseshell look where the tortoise pattern is placed on the top part of the frame with a pastel colour on the bottom half. This combination is eye-catching, to say the least, creating a carefree vibe that still looks sophisticated enough to wear for any occasion. These glasses are easy to match with everything thanks to their warm and elegant contrast.

Vintage and Round

Certain styles will never fizzle out, and the round vintage designer glasses are one of them. This timeless design seems to only grow with each passing year, offering a simple and smart look that is classic and modern, all at the same time. You can add a modern twist to this style with a variety of and bold colour gradients to choose from too.

 70s Oversized

The 70s have inspired many of the trends that we still wear and love today. That includes the oversized square frames that are perfectly retro. If you’re a big fan of this era, choose something truly old school with oversized squares. Or if you prefer something toned down and more modern, a minimalistic oversized frame might be better suited for you.

Thin Gold Frames

Those who are looking for a stern, professional and bookish style frame should consider thick, lightweight gold glasses. Styles such as the Aberdeen are simplistic but have just enough delicate detailing to finish off your look with style. These have a slightly thicker and darker frame towards the top, with light gold towards the bottom. It’s a subtle and well-balanced design.

Double Bridge Aviator

One particular style that has caught the attention of many A-list celebrities is the double bridge aviator glasses. This style has always been the epitome of cool, with its alluring and rebellious curved shape. The double bridge on the top of the frame adds another element that enhances this almost perfect retro frame. These glasses are also smaller, making them perfect for those with smaller faces and narrower shapes.

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