Having trouble determining which frames to purchase? Whether it’s round, oval, square, diamond or heart-shaped, it can be challenging to find the right pair of glasses to suit a particular face just right. That’s why we’re here to help! Learn how to find the best glasses for your face with our top expert tips to guide you in choosing a pair that will compliment your features perfectly. 

Square Shape

A squarer shaped face usually means that the jaw and forehead will be the widest points of the face. To complement your square shape, oval or round glasses are usually best suited. Oval frames can help to soften those broader, angular points while adding some balance to your overall look.

Oval Shape

Does your face look narrow towards the forehead with higher cheekbones? You likely have an oval-shaped face. If this sounds like it describes you, then you’re in luck because it’s one of the most versatile shapes. Almost every type of frame will suit your face – you just have to find what you like!

Rounded Shape

Similar to the oval shape, rounded faces tend to look a bit wider in comparison. When shopping for glasses, you can pull off geometrically shaped frames with sharp edges, or even wider frames that can emphasize your features while adding some length to your face. For those with really rounded features, avoid wearing round frames since these can look too bulky. The goal is to help offset the roundness rather than highlight it.  

Diamond Shape

Those who fall within the diamond-shaped category will have broad and high cheekbones and a slightly narrower jawline. At Laurier Optical, your eyewear specialists will point you in the direction of oval frames or even cat eyes with a sharper frame towards the brow line. These types of frames work well with diamond shapes since they’re not too wide to accent the top portion of the face and they can also balance out the jawline area. Curved glasses without a frame may also be an option to try for this shape.

Heart Shape

A broader forehead and gradual narrowing towards the jaw will place you into the heart-shaped category. Elegantly curved D-frame glasses with a bold brow line, cat eyes, and softly curved frames are ideal for this type of look. The clean lines, softer edges, and swept brow area can all be a great match for more rounded features. These classic shapes flatter broader features around the eyes and forehead while working with softer, tapered jawlines. 

If you’re unsure which facial shape category you fall under, swing by any Laurier Optical location and one of our eye care specialists will be glad to help. They will assess and determine your particular shape and then help you find the right styles to complement your features just right. At Laurier Optical, we carry the latest designer frames and offer a wide assortment of styles, so we guarantee you’ll be able to find frames that will not only suit your face but also highlight your best features. Come by today to refresh your accessories with a pair of modern new glasses. Whether you prefer something chic and sophisticated or classic and timeless, we have what you’re looking for!