Are you struggling to find the right frames for your head shape? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find the perfect ones. At Laurier Optical, we know that there’s a frame shape for everyone. We can help show you all the different styles to find the perfect pair to flatter your face.

Oval Face

If your head shape has high and wide cheekbones that are slightly narrower than your forehead, you have an oval face. Lucky for you, this shape allows you to pull off nearly every style and shape out there. You also can get away with wearing some of the more specialized styles like oversized and wide frames that have concise lines designed to make your features pop.


When your face is square, you tend to have more full areas along the jaw and forehead. In this case, the right frames for your head shape tend to include round and oval glasses. We recommend wearing a pair with gentle curves to balance and soften your bold, angular features.


When you have a perfectly round face, you should use clean, sharp, geometrically shaped frames like rectangle and square to add more definition to your face shape. Wide frames can also add some length to your face and make your features stand out. We recommend staying away from round structures, as these don’t have the ability to counteract the roundness of your face.


Those with a heart-shaped face will have a broad forehead that connects down to a narrow chin, just like a heart. To add more balance to your face, we find that oval or rectangle eyeglass frames that are widest at the bottom look best. A frame that is slightly wider than your forehead will also help to balance out the width of your face.


Full cheeks accompanied by a narrow jawline and forehead will put you in the diamond category. When you have this shape, we find the best way to accent your features is to use an oval or cat eye frame to draw attention up to the top portion of your face. Rimless and curved glasses that fit nicely – but are not wider than your cheeks – can also help to balance and highlight your stunning jawline.

Regardless of your head shape, there’s a perfect pair out there for you. To determine which style is best for you, come visit us today at Laurier Optical. Our professional eyeglass experts can give your face a quick assessment and show you the best shapes to accent your stunning features.