When winter hits, your morning commute can become even more agonizing with the harsh weather conditions thrown into the mix. Environments like snow and sun glare can impact your ride and even cause damage to your eyes. Check out some of the reasons why you need sunglasses on your morning commute to help protect your vision.

Prevent Eye Damage

Our eyes are sensitive to the exposure of the sun. Those UVA and UVB rays not only cause irritation and pain but also can influence long-term health effects like glaucoma. By wearing a pair of high-quality sunglasses, you can help keep your eyes safe from the harmful rays and disease. The defense you need is full 100% UVA and UVB protection to block out the ultraviolet rays. A pair of polarized lenses can really help to reduce the glare that comes off of the snow. Wrap-around lenses are also beneficial, as they can block out the glare from even the sides, not just the front.

Prevent Headaches And Migraines

Bright light can trigger bad headaches and even migraines. And getting a migraine during your morning commute can easily put a damper on your entire workday. Wearing sunglasses can help you reduce the intensity and frequency of these conditions and improve your overall comfort.

Reduce Eye Fatigue And Strain

Eye fatigue and strain caused by the morning glare can lead to accidents. Research has shown that the early hours of the morning and middle of the afternoon are peak times for fatigue-related accidents. The grogginess you experience, coupled with eye fatigue from squinting, can be a recipe for disaster. Sunglasses can help reduce these problems and keep you alert.

Protect Your Cornea

When you’re driving, the snow on the roadways and roadsides can be distracting. The bright light not only can impede your ability to see properly, but it can also give you temporary “snow” blindness if you’re not wearing sunglasses. That’s because snow reflects 80% of the UV rays from the sun, and this glare can burn your cornea. To drive safely on your way to work you need the protective coating of sunglasses to reduce the glare and keep your eyes safely on the road.

There’s no better time to utilize glasses on your morning commute than now. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of high-quality glasses that offer both style and glare protection, come see us at Laurier Optical. We have a wide selection of designs to suit all your lifestyle needs.