Learning how to take proper care of your frames is important – especially during the cold winter weather. With the icy weather and flurry of outdoor activity, it’s easy to neglect and damage them. To save yourself the hassle of needing yet another replacement, here are some proper ways to care for your frames in cold weather.

Always Store them in a Case

During the winter time when the temperature dips down, the frigid cold can make your frames more fragile and delicate.  So always be mindful of where you leave them. Try to get into a good habit of storing your frames in their case when you’re not using them. During the winter and throughout the entire year, this should always be a common practice to form to care for your frames.

Tuck them Away During Extreme Cold

When the temperature really dips and become extremely cold against your skin, you need to bundle up and ensure that nothing delicate is exposed. The same thing should apply to your frames. Your glasses are delicate and important, so during any extreme fluctuations in temperature, tuck them away or bundle up well by using a scarf and hat to help shield them from the blistery cold.

Keep them Safe when Being Active

During the winter time, there’s a flurry of activity happening – from holiday celebrations to skating and tobogganing with loved ones and friends. And with all of the outdoor activity, it’s important to keep your glasses safe and care for your frames in cold weather when you’re planning on spending a few hours out on the rink or snowshoeing up at the cottage. Attaching a sports band onto the sides of your frames to keep them more secure can be helpful to avoid them landing under your skates or buried in the snow after your session down the slope.

Clean them Regularly

With all of the exposure to precipitation and salt, the moisture and salt residue can end up lingering along your frames. Eventually, this can cause them to rust and jam along the folds, or even peel some of the coatings off. So always carry a cloth with you to give them a wipe, and spend a few moments once a week rinsing them and drying them thoroughly to remove any moisture.

Caring for your frames in cold weather requires a little more effort than during the other seasons throughout the year. With the sharp cold temperatures, outdoor activities and the combination of moisture and salt that can land on them, it’s necessary to adopt more diligent habits during the winter and always keep them dry and clean to avoid having to replace them.