Red, swollen, watery – an eye infection isn’t a pretty sight. And when you get one you just want to curl up at home and hide until it goes away. Often, we wonder how it happened, but with so many ways to contract eye infections it’s often hard to pinpoint and avoid. But don’t fret, we provide you with some easy steps you can follow to prevent future eye infections from happening and ruining your day.

Wash Your Hands

Keeping your hands clean will keep bacteria and other infections away. As a rule of thumb, wash your hands frequently with antibacterial soap and water, especially before cooking, eating, or touching your face. And always clean your hands before and after visiting a public place known for germs like day care centres, healthcare facilities, and classrooms. For those who wear contact lenses, ensure that good hygiene is followed before handling your lenses and solutions.

Avoid Contact with Those with Eye Infections

If you notice a friend or colleague has red eyes, avoid any direct contact with them and wash your hands immediately after. When at home if a family member has an eye infection, don’t let them share personal items with anyone else. And keep their towels and bedding clean to avoid passing the infection to other family members.

Don’t Touch Your Eyes

It takes practice, but you can train yourself to avoid touching your eyes. If you go to touch your face, grab a tissue instead. You should also teach your children to wash their hands before touching their eyes and to avoid rubbing the eye area as it could make any problems worse.

Be Cautious with Makeup

Although most makeup brands contain preservatives to prevent bacteria, it’s still possible for bacteria to grow and multiply on your makeup. Never share your makeup with others, as you could easily get someone else’s bacteria on your products. And be cautious with your makeup – check the expiry date and that the items are properly sealed. If you happen to contract an eye infection, avoid applying makeup.

Keep Contact Lenses Clean

For those who wear contact lenses, if you start to experience eye infection symptoms, immediately stop wearing your contacts and switch to glasses until the symptoms are gone. Once it has cleared, also switch your lens solutions as there may have been bacteria growing there as well.  

Keep Your Stress Low

Did you know that stress caused by overworking, poor sleep, and diet can affect your entire body’s immune system? Fighting off stress can, in turn, help your body fight off infections like conjunctivitis.

Eye infections can put a damper on your social and work life. And if you pass it on to your children it could keep them out of school placing more stress on you. By following these quick tips, you can prevent future eye infections and stay healthy. And if one does happen, just remember to talk to your optometrist at Laurier Optical Innes Eye Clinic who can provide you with treatment options to speed along the recovery.