Eager to know what the best trends will be this summer for eyewear? Well with summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to upgrade your frames. We’ve rounded up some of the top stylish trends that are making waves this year. Whether it’s at the office, at the beach, or a night out of the town – here are some of the summer glasses trends that we all love.

Tortoise Shell Frames

Tortoise shell glasses are what we can’t get enough of! This is the queen of the trends for the summer. You can choose a variety of colours for this shelled-type pattern. You can choose from rectangular frame, Zelda style or even that dreamy dapper look. These are great for both men and women.

Clear and White Glasses

These clear and white frame are another popular hit, especially for the summer months as they add the perfect light accessory to highlight your face and features. And since they are neutral, they can go with just about anything in wardrobe – especially those lighter summer colours.

Oversized Frames

One of the trends that continue to lead the fashion world is the oversized frames for both sunglasses and regular frames. And this style isn’t going away anytime soon. With designers aiming to give customers exactly what they want, you can find countless designer names and styles to choose from.

Butterfly Wings Frames

Whether dark or light, colourful or traditional, butterfly wing frames have been dotting the runways everywhere. Whether plain or glittered up, these are modern, bold and funky. They’re the perfect style if you’re really looking to crank up the statement frames.

Flat Top Frames

The flat top frames were popular last spring and are popping up yet again this year. These combine the oversized frame with a flat top in a variety of colours and styles.

Cat Eyes

Another keeper that remains a favourite is the cat eye frames. From New York to Milan to Paris and London, these flattering designs remain one of the top trends among women today.

Glasses and sunglasses are more than simple accessories. They can transform and enhance your entire look. So dive into the summer season with some of these hot 2017 styles to keep in mind. When it’s time to upgrade your frames, you’ll know exactly what to go for that will keep you on top of the latest trends to stroll through those sunny summer days in style.