It can take a while to get used to a new set of eyeglasses. From the frame to the fit, it is normal to need a bit of adjustment period, whether you are switching from an older prescription or wearing glasses for the first time. If you have a new pair, here are some common issues that can occur with your new glasses and how to correct them:

They Don’t Fit Properly

Sometimes, after picking through an endless variety of frames, you may not fully realize that the ones you selected don’t actually fit you as well as you thought. They may be too big and slide down the bridge of your nose when you wear them, or perhaps they are a bit too tight and cause pressure at the temples or behind the ears. No matter the case, bring your glasses back to the optical store. Your optician will take the time to ensure a correct fit. Problems with fit are especially common when you buy glasses online, which is why it’s so important to shop at a local optical store instead.

You Feel Awkward with the Lenses

It can take some time to adjust properly to wearing your new lenses. This is especially true if you require bifocals since you must adjust to looking through the lower portion of the glass for near-vision and looking through the upper portion for distance. Give yourself time and practice using them in all situations. Driving can be a task that’s best done once you’ve gotten used to them.

Objects Appear Squished when Looking Down

If it appears that objects are squished whenever you look downwards with your lenses, there may an error with the fabrication of the glasses. This usually indicates that the glasses may not have been properly centred, so your best option would be to take them back to your optician so they can correct the lenses.

You Can’t See Properly

If you’ve taken a few days to try and get used to your new prescription and it still feels unfocused when looking through them or you experience headaches, the prescription could be wrong. In this case, you should contact your optometrist and explain the situation. They can conduct another eye exam and determine whether the lenses should be corrected.

It’s common to experience some issues with new glasses during those first initial stages of wearing them around. But if you do experience any of these issues, reach out to your eye doctor or optician and the problems can be addressed.