Having your child’s eyes tested at an early age is important to help maintain healthy vision and detect any signs of vision problems so that they can be addressed early. If any problems are identified at an early stage, it can give your child the best chance at being much more responsive to treatment. Plus, it can allow them to perform better at school if they’ve been having problems focusing with their eyes.

Read on to learn why eyes exams are important for children and when you should have them tested.

What Age Should Children have their Eyes Tested?

It’s recommended to have children first examined by an optometrist at six months of age. Once the child reaches the age of three, another test should be performed, followed by another around the age of five. Once your child is in school, having their eyes tested every two years is recommended if there are no issues with their vision. However, for those who do have any vision problems, or require glasses, they should visit the optometrist once a year to monitor their vision.

What do the Eye Exams Monitor?

When your eyes get tested, the optometrist examines your child’s eyes to determine whether the basics for healthy vision are present. The optometrist will look for each of these during your child’s eye exam:

  • Near vision
  • Distance vision
  • Eye movement
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Focusing ability
  • Peripheral awareness
  • Binocular coordination

It’s also important to tell your eye doctor about any potential abnormalities you may have noticed in your child’s vision. This could include, excessive blinking, eye rubbing, delayed motor development, or physical injury.

Scheduling your Child’s First Exam

The first eye exam is usually conducted by your family paediatrician as part of their check-up. They will usually be the ones to determine if there are any potential abnormalities that may need further assessment by an eye doctor. In this case, they will give you a referral and have you make an appointment with an optometrist.

Having your child’s eyes examined by an eye doctor is important at an early age in order to detect any potential problems that may exist. By catching problems early, it will give them the best chance at responding well to treatment and improving the health of their vision. If your child hasn’t had their eyes tested yet, book an appointment with Laurier Optical Orleans Innes Eye Clinic.