Gone are the days when wearing big, bold glasses equated to bookworms and teasing. Thanks to modern times and some of our dazzling celebrity fashionistas, we can feel comfortable wearing glasses in whatever style we please – as it should be!

Image from SmartBuyGlasses

From bookworm to chic, here’s how some of our favourite stars are making our love for those extra bold, classic frames a part of the new wave of stylish eyewear.

Super Sleek Ensemble

There’s no better way to pull off that super sleek style than with a pair of black wide-framed specs. Looking sleek and sharp is all about confidence. And Jennifer Aniston is one lady who embodies sleek and sexy, as she pieces dark ensembles with frames that are always red-carpet worthy. You can’t get more confident than that! Get the sleek and sexy look by following suit.

Cat-Eye Chic

No frame brings more chic to an outfit than the cat frames! They’re bold, they’re fabulous, and they have that unique shape that sets them apart.  They compliment a conservative, classic style as Jenifer Lopez revealed by topping off one of her stylish outfits at a premiere with a pair of sleek and chic looking cat-eye frames. If you’ve been eager to bring out your cat frames, now’s the time!

Smart and Stylish

glasses lupita globes

Image from People.com

Looking smart and sharp is the ultimate catch-worthy style these days. And there’s no one who embodies this more than Lupita Nuyong‘O. Aside from the fact that she graduated from Yale University, she executes the perfect combination of haute couture and stylish frames to really set the stage for embracing that smart and stylish look.

Bold Colour

Of course, what better way to represent your flare and funk than with a pair of frames that match your accessories? That’s how many stars are styling their outfits these days! Switching up your frames with your outfit can be every bit as glamorous and fun as it for switching up your shoes or purse. It’s all about having fun and showing off that spunky side whenever you feel like it, like Emily Rossum. She gives her outfits a pop of colour by keeping her style simple and adding that splash with her glasses.

Glasses are the new must-have accessory to crank up your style. So why not have a varieties to choose from? If you feel unsure or doubt how well you can pull off a few different, bold-looking styles, just remember – when in doubt, the number one way to pull off anything is with confidence.