You depend on your eye glasses to see the world around you with clarity and accuracy. Without proper care, they can end up causing you more hassle and money in the long run when you have to replace them each time. In order to get the most our of your eyeglasses, here are some tips to make sure they are well cared for and ready to serve your eyes for years to come.

Rinse before Wiping

The glass on your eyeglasses can be fairly delicate. And even the tiniest dust and debris on them can risk scratching that surface, even with state-of-the-art materials. Before you use a cloth to wipe them, it’s always a good idea to give them a gentle rinse with water or eyeglass cleaner to make sure that there aren’t any abrasive particles lingering on the surface.

Use the Right Spray

When you do apply a cleaner on the glass, always ensure that you are using the appropriate material. The spray should be specifically tailored for eyeglasses. Anything run-of-the-mill cleaner, such as Windex, can end up ruining the glass. Only use water or a spray that is specifically intended for eyeglasses.

Use a Proper Cloth

If you use your shirt or any old cloth to wipe your glasses, this can also scratch the surface. Always use a microfiber cloth when wiping them.

Avoid Bending the Frame

The frames are an area that can easily bend and misalign over time. This is often due to how people hold their glasses. Instead of carrying them from the side and placing that pressure on the frame, grab it from the bridge that goes over the nose. This is a sturdy place that won’t bend under pressure.

Always Place in a Case

We’re all guilty of improperly storing our glasses in places that are precarious. You misplace your case and suddenly you realize they’ve ended up on the floor. Try to be as diligent as you can for having a safe place and case to place the glasses in. Try having multiple cases that you keep in different places, such as the office and in the car. This is one of main reasons why glasses end up needing to be replaced so often.

When you find that perfect pair of glasses, you need to take proper care of them in order for them to last. Always clean them with the proper materials, always carry them by the bridge of the nose, and place them in a case when they’re not being used.