If you are looking to get your hands on a brand-new set of glasses but aren’t quite sure of which frames are going to make the most sense for you, you’re likely looking at celebrity styles for at least a little bit of inspiration.

We are going to break down three of the hottest celebrity trends in eyewear for 2016 in this quick guide, and by the time you’re done with the inside information below you were going to be able to understand exactly which of these different designs are best suited for you.

Shall we dive right in?

Retro lenses are still red-hot for 2016

Retro-inspired lenses really started to get quite popular about three years ago or so. While hipsters helped to usher them in, most everyone is wearing retro-inspired lenses – or legitimately vintage lenses – in Hollywood today.

There are a number of different classical styles that you are going to fall in love with, but if you want to be completely sure that your retro lenses complement your face style regardless of its shape, you’ll want to look closer at the Ray-Ban “Wayfarer” style lenses.

Round “hippie lenses” are becoming more popular as well

Hippie style lenses – like the ones that John Lennon used to wear and the ones that Harry Potter helped popularize with young children in the early 2000s – are making quite a comeback these days. They provide a very youthful look to those that are going in this direction.

Just make sure that you go with the more minimalist approach when you decide to go with perfectly round lenses, and try to stay away from them if you have a rounder face. Too many circular shapes are going to really throw the angles of your face out of whack, and you aren’t going to be all that happy with the look.

The “oversized nerd” look isn’t going away anytime soon, either

The “oversized nerd” eyewear look really exploded in popularity about two years ago or so, and while a lot of people thought it was going to fizzle out in a red-hot hurry, nothing could be further from the truth.

These oversized lenses are still very popular today, and they are incredibly more popular than more compact or minimalist lenses that were very popular in the 2000s. They also complement most any face style imaginable, making them very versatile glasses going forward!

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