Spring is a time of renewal and it’s a wonderful time to feel alive. When you learn to care for your eyes properly during this season, you’ll enjoy spring more and also keep your eyes healthy and comfortable. Our tips will help you ensure better vision and enhanced comfort during this vibrant season.

Deal With Eye Allergies

Eye allergies are common in springtime, although some people have to deal with them year-round. More people have problems in the spring because the weather gets warmer, plants start growing, and flowers start to bloom. Pollen abounds during this season and it may lead to red, itchy eyes and other eye irritation. There are drops which fight eye allergies. These are available over the counter or from your eye doctor. Another option is trying an anti-histamine which has the power to stop the allergic reactions from happening in the first place. Rinsing your eyes with pure water when you come inside after hanging out in pollen-rich areas may also help a lot.

Protect Eyes from the Sun

Also, you should take care to wear sunglasses, as spring is a time when there are typically more sunny days. Any sunglasses that you choose should block all UV rays. If you need vision correction, you should know that a lot of sunglasses are available with prescription lenses. Talk to an eye care professional in order to find out which styles may be fitted with vision-correcting lenses. Some sunglasses have tinting which adjusts to the light. These are also available in prescription styles and they are very practical.

If you spend much of your time out on the water or driving a vehicle, investing in glasses with polarized lenses will make sense. These lenses decrease reflection intensity from an array of surfaces. They promote eye health, safety, and eye comfort.

Protect Eyes While Playing Sports

If you get sportier in the spring, when the better weather makes it easier to get out there and get moving, you may want to think about purchasing eye protection for your preferred sport. Protective styles vary. However a good optician should be able to recommend something that is perfect for you. Athletic goggles, sunglasses, and eyeglasses will all create a barrier between you and injuries. It’s just a matter of finding something which helps you to perform your preferred athletic activity in comfort.

Now that you know how to care for your eyes during the spring, you’ll be ready to move forward and ensure premium eye health and comfort. Visit Laurier Optical Innes Eye Clinic for all your eye care needs, including Ottawa optometry services.