Many people with eye problems think that they can simply skip out on seeing their doctor by taking an online eye exam. Although it can be a lot more cost-effective and convenient to check your own eyes from the comfort of your home, you might not actually be assessing the problem well enough. Online eye exams aren’t as effective as they’re made out to be, and if you’re thinking about replacing a visit to the doctor for a quick search engine result, these reasons should get you to reconsider your choice.

Inappropriate Assessment Technology

Yes, smart phones and computers are pretty advanced these days, but the technology they use to “assess” eye problems might not be truly intended for eyes. Simply identifying letters, reading texts, and differentiating colours won’t give you an assessment of your eyes’ condition. Oftentimes, doctors use powerful devices and equipment only found in clinics to find problems and conditions that aren’t readily observable by phones and computers. Using online eye exams will not be able to detect these issues.

Lack of Exam Questions

When you see an eye doctor, you’re likely to receive a barrage of questions during the exam. This helps them assess the specific underlying problems with your eyes. Because apps and websites don’t have the ability to ask questions during the exams they provide, you might not get the appropriate feedback. Online eye exams are very limited in the outcomes and results they offer because they can’t interact with patients the same way that doctors do.

Human Eye Doctors are Specialized

If doctors could be replaced by technology and devices, then there wouldn’t be any doctors in existence today. To some extent, online eye exams can give you an idea as to whether or not you have a problem, but they won’t be able to give you conclusive results. Eye doctors are specialized in their field and have years of training and knowledge that allow them to pinpoint the specific problems and issues that can threaten our eyes.

Devices are Different

Screen resolution, brightness, contrast, and all the other features of a device’s screen can affect the results you get. Because not all devices are created the same, the outcomes of online eye exams can differ across the board. This becomes apparent when a person takes an online eye exam on different devices and receives varying results.

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