These days you can be an avid athlete and have vision issues at the same time. Thanks to modern optometric innovations, sports lovers and fitness enthusiasts can still enjoy an active lifestyle without being left with very few options in terms of corrective vision. What has come to be known as “sports eyewear” is becoming increasingly popular, even for those who have minor visual impairments. So, is sports eyewear right for you?  Let’s find out.

What is Sports Eyewear?

First, you need to know what sports eyewear is. It’s pretty simple really: sports eyewear is nothing more than corrective visual tools for active people and athletes. It helps those who cannot see perfectly still join the game. Sports eyewear is usually very durable and ergonomically protected by high-quality materials. However, it is still important that you try on several pairs to find one that suits your face, taste, and lifestyle.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Sports eyewear is very convenient for those who wish to remain active despite their failing vision. The frames are typically exceptionally resilient as well, which is great news for those who really get into the game. The only bad thing about sports eyewear is the look, which is less than conventional. However, sports eyewear is becoming quite popular and is therefore no longer seen as a bad fashion choice. Some people find it difficult to discover a pair of sports glasses that are comfortable, but most models come with an adjustable strap to remedy that problem.

What to Look for in Corrective Sports Eyewear

Did you know that over 40,000 eye sports-related eye injuries happen each year? Getting your hands on some good protective sports glasses is definitely not a bad idea with those odds. Luckily, finding the best sports eyewear is not as difficult as you think. Almost every major eyewear manufacturer produces some sort of sports eyewear for their customers, meaning you can discover some pretty sweet deals if you take the time to shop around.

Here are some features to look for in a good pair:

  • Made of polycarbonate, an impact-resistant lens material.
  • Provides ultraviolet protection for playing out in the sun.
  • Has a scratch resistant coating to prevent damages to the lens during game play.
  • Features a prescription that is right for your vision.
  • Contoured to fit your face and head, with a wraparound strap for convenience.

You never know when a wayward puck, stick, or elbow could strike. Keep your eyes safe when playing sports, and invest in sports eyewear!