With all of the sun-filled days ahead this summer, you need to make sure that your kids’ eyes are safe from the UV rays of the sun. Your favourite Ottawa optician at Laurier Optical is here to help you choose the right sunglasses for your kids. When shopping for kid’s sunglasses, make sure that you think about the following features:


Impact resistance is very important for kid’s sunglasses. Even though glass lenses can be coated for impact, they will still shatter when they break, making it a significant hazard to your kid’s eyes. Different materials such as polycarbonate or Trivex are great options as they are lightweight and extremely impact resistant. These materials are ideal for the wide range of activities that children are bound to get themselves into. Sunglasses that aren’t a risk for injury while jumping on the trampoline or running on the beach are a summer fun essential!

Full Coverage

Don’t settle for less than 100%! This goes for both the size of the sunglasses, as well as the amount of UV protection that they have. Sunglasses should cover as much of your kid’s eye as possible to protect from strong UV rays. The best design for your child is a frame that fits close to their face. This will also ensure that things like sand and dust stay out their eyes as well as protect from the sun. Ask your Ottawa optician to check the frame for coverage.

Spring Hinges

Since kids may not be the most attentive when putting on or taking off their sunglasses, spring hinges are worth the investment. Spring hinges allow for a more flexible frame that makes it easier for your kid to put on and take off their sunglasses.

Elastic Bands

If your kid participates in a lot of outdoor activities, consider finding an elastic band that will help the glasses stay on while they play soccer or tee-ball. This will save the glasses from the likely damage, and protect your kids’ eyes while they enjoy their outdoor fun.


Don’t forget about style! Make sure that you help your kid choose a colour or design that they really like. This way it won’t be a task to encourage them to wear them!

Finally – set a good example. Wear your sunglasses each time you’re outside and your kid will want to do the same. With your cool new shades, you and your kid are ready to enjoy some (UV safe) summer fun in the sun!