As you crawl out of your winter hibernation, you’re probably looking for some stylish new glasses to wear while you strut your stuff down the streets. Here are some of our favourite eyewear trends to look out for this spring:

Bright Lenses

Express your spring style with bright yellow, orange, or blue lenses. While you should still have sunglasses with proper UV protection to shield your eyes from the damaging rays of the Sun, these trendy lenses add quite the pop to your spring look.

White Frames

White frames combine the best of both worlds, adding an elegant yet hip edge to your style. White frames look especially sharp on sunglasses, but white eyeglass frames can give you a bold and confident look.

Geometric Frames

Take advantage of the many different frame and lens shapes on the market this spring. Round, oval, square, rectangle, and even hexagonal shapes are available in almost any colour and design. Evoke nature’s beauty with butterfly, teardrop or almond-shaped lenses this spring.

Graphics & Patterns

Let your spring style shine with patterned and graphic frames. You’ll fit right it to the lush spring surroundings with a foliage graphic on your frames. Choose patterned designs, from tortoise shell to zigzags for a unique eyewear look.


When it’s a beautiful spring day and the Sun is shining, you should shine too. Now you can, thanks to glittery frames emblazoned with gems, crystals, studs, and glitter. Add a hint of sparkle, or go for bright and bold embellishment. You’ll be turning heads with dazzling glitter frames.


What’s old is new again in spring eyeglass fashion. Evoke glamorous times of old with stunning diamond-studded cats-eye glasses, tortoise shell wayfarers, and sharp black Clubmasters. Don’t be afraid to tie in popular colours from the past either, like John Lennon-style glasses with groovy red lenses.

Bright & Bold

Spring is all about bright splashes of colour. We see it all around us, as gorgeous spring tulips and lilacs begin to bloom, and everyone abandons the drab fashions of winter. Join the bold explosions of colour with cheerful yellow, hot pink, or dynamic neon green frames.


Ombre was the hot hairstyle of the fall, and the trend continues this fall with ombre sunglass lenses. Ombre lenses are dark at the top and transition to a lighter colour on the bottom, like amber or mauve. Give your eyes mystique and intrigue with this hot smoky look.

These are just some of the hot spring trends in eyewear. Get out there and let your fashion flag fly with these incredibly stylish eyewear looks.