When you get new glasses it can sometimes take a while to adjust to them and get comfortable wearing them. Vision correction is very important, and when you are not comfortable with your glasses you might be inclined to stop wearing them. Here are some tips to help you adjust to your new glasses:

Give Yourself Time

Unfortunately not all people will experience perfect vision the moment they put on their new glasses. It can take as long as a few weeks to become completely adjusted to your vision correction. This can be a little disorienting, just remember that it will take some time to begin to feel comfortable with your vision correction.

Old Habits

Many people make the mistake of going back to their old prescriptions because they are not comfortable with their new glasses, and miss the feel of their old glasses. This will just make matters worse and make it harder to become accustomed to your new vision correction. Stick to it and if necessary hide your old glasses away so you are less tempted to wear them.

Clean Slate

Make sure your lenses are perfectly clean and smudge proof. Sometimes it might seem like your lenses are blurry when in fact it is just they are not clean. Use a proper cleaning spray and cloth for perfectly clear vision.

Avoid Taking them Off

When adjusting to new glasses it is highly recommended that you start wearing them for at least four hours a day, and increase the increments as seen fit. If you feel dizzy or have a headache remove them until the sensation subsides and then put them on back again for a smaller amount of time. If headache or dizziness persist call your eye doctor.

Move Your Head

Teach yourself to move your head and not your eyes. When you want to focus on a new spot this will take away from that dizzy feeling you might experience. This is very important if you have progressive or graduated lenses. Whenever you move your eyes you are focusing on a different strength of lens. Practice adjusting your head to read different sizes of print in order to learn how to use your progressive lenses. This will take a few weeks. Just remember soon it will become second nature to you and you will enjoy the freedom your graduated lenses provide.

Before purchasing new glasses try on several pairs to make sure they stay in place as improper fit can affect your vision. Call your doctor if headaches and dizziness last more than a few weeks.