Money can sometimes be tight, and it is very tempting to try and cut corners whenever possible, however purchasing glasses should not be one of those corners. It can be hard to find cheap glasses that have stylish, well made frames with good lenses, but it is always best to take the extra money and time needed to find the right pair. It is strongly advisable not to purchase glasses online, as you may be putting your eye sight at risk. Here are few reasons you should not purchase your glasses online:

Eye Strain

When you entrust your prescription to an online company you may be in danger of having prescriptions that are not made properly. When you are wearing glasses that do not fit well or worse, do not have the proper lenses you can put strain on your eyes which can lead to everything from headaches to double vision.

Quality Control

Many optometrists fear that online companies are not using the same safety checks and balances of more reputable brick and mortar shops. This can lead to inaccuracies in your lenses and the prescription they provide through online eye exams.


There are also some scary statistics regarding the quality and accuracy of online cheap eyeglasses. The School of Optometry at Université de Montréal found that an exam that looked at 16 frames and 32 lenses purchased on line showed six lenses did not match the prescription and 13 of the 16 frames did not fit properly.


Another study found that 28.6 per cent of cheap glasses purchased online contained at least one lens that was not up to the standards during an optical analysis. This is compared to only 2 percent of traditional dispensing methods.

No Prescription Required

In Canada you do not require the submission of a physical prescription which means some people are tempted to play doctor and alter the numbers of their last prescription instead of seeking a new eye exam. Many people think that if they can’t see they just need stronger lenses. This of course leads to disaster with inaccurate lenses that do not correct eye sight effectively.

Quality Control

There is also concern that lenses are not being customized but instead being bought in bulk.

As you can see buying cheap glasses online is risky business. Your eyesight is one of your most precious assets. Taking chances with your vision by ordering poor quality frames and lenses can lead to further sight and health issues.