It used to be that a child would visit their optometrist with dread worried they would be told they need glasses. It was also the old cliché in movies and television shows that the girl or boy with the glasses was smart, unpopular or an ugly duckling. However with today’s advances in styles and designer frames wearing glasses is not uncommon and has also become quite fashionable. If you wear glasses you can now allow your eye wear to be your best accessory with the new styles and fun approach to wearing glasses with confidence, and a sense of personality they will showcase your individuality.

Seeing Clearly

Today people not only see wearing glasses as something to correct their vision, but also as a way of expressing their selves and their uniqueness. With so many choices available you are no longer restricted by the types of frames you have to wear. There are hundreds of affordable eye wear choices available that will assist you in seeing clearly and looking fabulous. Contact lenses were once the go to eye wear choice, however now people are tossing aside their high maintenance contacts and opting for easy to wear glasses that allow them to choose features such as transitional or progressive lenses.

Sense of Style and Personality

From the clothes you wear to your hair style, a sense of style defines who you are and lets people get a peek at your personality. Eye wear now allows you to choose frames that help define you and your sense of style. With affordable pricing, you can now choose to have more than one pair of glasses, allowing you to change your frames to suit your mood or match your outfit.

By having a large variety of options you can easily change from small artsy wired frames, to minimalistic plastic frames or perhaps even the ever trending large plastic framed glasses, very popular with younger individuals.

Your eye wear is truly your best accessory as not only does it provide a sense of style, but also provides important functionality. To change up your look visit us in store for a wide selection of affordable eye wear at 2002 Mer Bleue Road Unit 8.