Having regular eye exams done are your best bet to ensure your eyes are healthy. It is recommended you have an eye exam at least once every year after you’ve turned eighteen. However, if you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy perfect vision and have not found booking an eye exam necessary, here are eight signs you need to schedule one soon:

Vision Changes

If you notice you are experiencing difficulty reading or watching television it is a good idea to book an eye exam. Your eye sight will change throughout your life and it is just a matter of time before you are reading everything at arm’s length or squinting right in front of you.

Blurry Vision or Focus Issues

If you notice you are having sudden blurred vision or moments where you cannot focus you should schedule an eye exam as soon as possible. This may be an indication to an underlying health issue.

Visual Disturbances

Visual disturbances can appear such as floaters or flashes of light, as well as a feeling something is blocking your vision. You should see an eye care professional within 24 hours of having regular visual disturbances. These visual disturbances could be a sign you have vision threatening issues which could include retinal tearing or detachment.


As soon as an individual gets a headache they tend to think nothing of it, assuming it is normal. However, experiencing headaches could be a big sign that you have vision problems. Visual issues can come on gradually, making themselves unknown to a person until they need to read something or focus on specific details. By experiencing headaches your eyes could be telling you that they are having difficulty focusing, and it is best to book an appointment with your optometrist for a professional opinion.

Eye Pain

Everyone will experience occasional tired eyes or even eye pain, but it should not be something that worsens or lasts for days on end. You should book an eye exam to rule out serious health conditions or infections. Experiencing eye pain could also be a sign your vision is changing.


Squinting is a common way to try to compensate for vision changes. In fact, this is a good thing to watch for in your child. If you or your child seem to be squinting a lot, this means it is time for an eye exam.

Light Sensitivity

If you are experiencing a sensitivity to light it can be a symptom of many eye diseases as well as potential infections.


Redness, pus, itchiness and burning are all symptoms of an eye infection. Eye infections can prove to be highly contagious so it is best to book an eye exam as soon as possible to avoid spreading the infection at work, home or school.

Your eyes are one of your greatest gifts. Scheduling eye exams every year will ensure your best visual and overall health.