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Heading to the Beach? How to Protect Your Eyes
Heading to the Beach? How to Protect Your Eyes
August 14, 2017

With beautiful weather outside and the kids out of school, there’s no better time to hit the beach and enjoy some…

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Does Your Infant Need Glasses?
July 17, 2017

It’s more common than you may think for infants to need a pair of eyeglasses. And because of their age and…

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Optometrist examines the sight of a child
Eye Exams for Children
March 20, 2017

Having your child’s eyes tested at an early age is important to help maintain healthy vision and detect any signs of…

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Asian girl kid in glasses drawing on a tablet
Does Your Child Have Vision Problems?
January 30, 2017

As children undergo development, a lot can change during those years. And that includes their vision. That’s why staying on top…

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vitamin A
All About Vitamin A
December 5, 2016

For all the talk surrounding vitamins and supplements these days, it seems like often, not much is known about Vitamin A….

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Contacts for kids
Contacts for Kids
November 21, 2016

Contact lenses are a huge part of today’s society. The ability to correct your vision without the involvement of glasses is…

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Celebrate Children’s Vision Month!
Celebrate Children’s Vision Month!
October 19, 2016

We look at our children and see all the beauty the world has to offer, but what does your child see…

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